Andrew has recently completed a bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science, majoring in Health Promotion at Notre Dame University. Andrew’s degree is built on his own personal history of a keen focus on health, fitness, and well-being through participation in sport at senior and semi-professional levels, coaching responsibilities for adults and children and working with people who needed support due to their age and/or physical disabilities.

Andrew has gathered a range of additional valuable experience through his work in gyms, private clinics and volunteering internationally. Specifically, to date he has had the privilege of working with and supporting a range of clients and individuals – including those with disability, the elderly, young children and adolescents as well as having provided his time on a voluntary basis working with and assisting the marginalised and impoverished people in Kolkata, India (through the Institute for Indian Mother and Child)

These experiences have had a significant impact on Andrew and positively inform his approach to the support and assistance he provides to clients – by tailoring exercise programs that respond to their specific needs and circumstances. Offering evidence based, well-structured, and personalised exercise programs for the client in support of their well-being and pathway to improved health.

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