Angus trained and has spent most of his career in South Australia before recently relocating to Perth to work at Enhance Physiotherapy. Angus has more than 10-years of experience across multiple areas of physiotherapy and there aren’t many conditions he hasn’t seen or treated.

He is passionate about passing on his wealth of knowledge to Enhance’s clinical team with his goal that Enhance Physio becomes the leader in best patient care. He has worked with high level football, volleyball and lacrosse players and teams as well as in the complex injury field where he helped rehabilitate amputees, acquired brain injury, complex pain presentations and neurological conditions (Parkinsons, MS, stroke).

Angus has spent his career building his assessment skills and treatment methods and he is a strong believer that there is no ‘on size fits all’ approach to rehabilitation. He has a particular interest in hip, knee and shoulder injuries (unfortunately, driven largely from his own personal experience) as well as lower limb amputees.

You will find Angus at all the Enhance Clinics where he spends much of his time leading from the front with a calmness and leadership that is admirable all the while imparting his knowledge and experience to the rest of the awesome Enhance Team.

When Angus isn’t leading the Enhance Physio clinical team you will find him on the beach, at the gym or where the laughter is perfecting and growing his array of dad jokes.