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Biomechanical Assessment

Everyone’s body is different. The way we move, live and play is unique to our own body, like a fingerprint.

A Biomechanical Assessment is a detailed examination that specifically looks at the way your body moves and functions. This can include running, walking, throwing, kicking, weightlifting, bowling or a golf swing. Our Enhance Physiotherapists are trained professionals, who thoroughly understand how the body moves and can identify and screen for any biomechanical faults that could potentially put you at risk of injury, contribute to an existing injury, or that are holding you back from performing at your best!

What does a Biomechanical Assessment involve?

At Enhance Physiotherapy, we offer both upper and lower body Biomechanical Assessments depending on your goals or concerns. During your assessment, your Enhance Physiotherapist may look at the following:

  • Body structure and alignment
  • Muscle strength and motor control
  • Movement patterns
  • Muscle length
  • Neural tension
  • Joint imbalance
  • Stability, balance, coordination, power
  • Footwear and orthotics
  • Sport specific technique

Who should do a Biomechanical assessment?

A Biomechanical Assessment is highly recommended for anyone that is currently training for a specific race, event or competition; for those who are struggling to reach a specific goal or personal best or have simply plateaued in their training program; or for those who merely want to know more about the unique way their body moves.

How will a Biomechanical Assessment help me?

Completing a Biomechanical Assessment will detect and determine specific areas of imbalance, weakness or tightness, which can assist your Enhance Physiotherapist and Exercise Physiologist in prescribing you a strengthening or rehabilitation program specific to your body and it’s needs. This will in turn help prevent future injury and ultimately assist with reaching your goals and performing at your best.

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