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Pilates is a low impact exercise that aims to strengthen muscles while improving posture and flexibility. If your fitness routine has been feeling stale, trying a new kind of class can make your routine feel fresh again. 

Taking a Pilates class might be a good way to expand your fitness horizons whether it’s a class done on the mat or on a reformer Enhance Physio is here to Enhance your fitness horizons. Sign up today and book in the class that suits you!!

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jo everitt

Jo Everitt is a fully PFI Diploma Qualified Professional Pilates Instructor with many years of experience in practicing and teaching Pilates. Pilates is Jo’s passion. She has extensive experience in Pilates studio and knowledge in the use of all Pilates apparatuses such as the Reformer, Wanda Chair, Cadillac and Barrel. 

Jo is qualified to apply the Classical Pilates Method to work with Special Conditions including Pregnancy, Post Natal, any rehabilitation situations for many injures and Spinal Conditions. A fun loving individual, who is enthusiastic and bubbly, she injects diversity into all of her classes always prioritising correct alignment and movement. Why not come down and start enjoying the lifelong benefits of Pilates.

Jo: Mat Pilates, Combo Pilates, Corporate Pilates

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Mat Pilates

$240 FOR 10 CLASS PACK (SAVE 20%)
$ 30 (max 8 per class)
  • Focus is on core muscle control whilst improving posture, flexibility, coordination, balance and body awareness.

Combo Pilates

$360 FOR 10 CLASS PACK (SAVE 20%)
$ 45 (max 4 per class)
  • Achieve tone, better posture, efficient correct and specific movement, alignment, balance and breath.



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Get started on your Pilates journey by downloading our Pilates booking system app ‘Glofox’ this will be your one-stop shop to book in all your classes, buying class packs and manage your pilates portfolio.

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2. Open the ‘Glofox’ app and search ‘Enhance Physiotherapy’

3. Click ‘Register’ and enter your email address and a password you wish to use. Enter all your personal details, accept the Studio Waiver and click ‘Get Started’.

4. Click ‘Memberships’ and then click on the ‘Buy Credits’ tab. Here you will see all the class options as well as packs that you can buy (save 20%). Once you decide which classes you wish to purchase click  ‘Buy this credit pack’.

5. Finally, click ‘Purchase’ and you will now be able to book your intended class. You may buy multiple credits and this can be accessed through your account in the top left corner.