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At Enhance we offers assessment, diagnoses and management of headaches.  We believe that no one should have to suffer through the day in pain when we can help! We are passionate about getting you on the right track to get back to doing the things you love or just normal day to day activities pain free!

How can physiotherapy help headaches?

The neck can often be a source of headaches, the cause of this can be from the upper neck joints and/or muscles. When this happens, it causes a what we call cervicogenic headache.  A cervicogenic headache is caused when the joints and muscles of the upper neck get stiff, tight, weak or sore and leads to them generating pain. As these joints connect to nerve endings that refer to the head when these structures generate pain they refer into the head. Muscle and joint dysfunction can occur for several reasons including; overuse, poor ergonomic set up, trauma (e.g. whiplash), muscles weakness and poor movement patterns.

Here at Enhance our Physiotherapists are experts at diagnosing, treating and managing neck disorders and makes us the perfect place to manage your headache.

What is involved in a headache consultation?

Your headache consultation will go for as long as it takes to diagnosis the cause of your headache. In this time your Physiotherapist will perform a detailed subjective history to aid in the diagnosis. In addition, your Physiotherapist will perform an objective assessment of neck range of motion, neck muscular strength, joint proprioception, neck motor control, posture and nervous system (if indicated).  The purpose of the examination is to gain a clear diagnosis and therefore an effective tailored management plan.

What treatment will be provided?

Your treatment will be based off the diagnoses your physiotherapist provides and will be tailored to you.  Depending on the assessment the treatment may include; exercises, education, activity modifications, self-management strategies, manual therapy techniques, dry needling and taping. If this sounds like your current situation and think headache physiotherapy may help you, do not hesitate to call our friendly reception staff or book below.

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