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Men’s health relates to pain, dysfunction or injury to the male pelvis and surrounding area. This can include the bladder, bowel, sexual organs or pelvic floor muscles. Problems in these areas are quite common, with 1 in 8 men experiencing issues with their pelvic floor, bladder or bowel. Bladder leakage, poor urine stream or erectile dysfunction can all be an indication of pelvic floor muscle weakness.

What are common problems related to Men’s Health?

Prostate Problems

Prostate enlargement is normal for men over 50 and a gradual slowing of the urinary stream, bladder outlet obstruction or incomplete emptying can often occur as a result. In the case of prostate surgery for removal of prostate cancer, some men can experience urine leakage or incontinence following surgery. Erectile dysfunction can also occur post-surgery.

Bladder Problems

The function of our bladder is to store urine. Similar to muscles, the bladder builds strength by “holding” or storing urine. Unnecessary or frequent emptying of the bladder can lead to reduced bladder capacity and bladder function, resulting in a cascading cycle of frequent urination, urgency and ultimately, urge incontinence. This can occur at any age of the male life.

Sexual Function

Injury to the muscles, nerves (pudendal nerve) or blood supply of the pelvic floor can disrupt sexual function leading to erectile dysfunction.

Pelvic Pain

Pain in the pelvic floor region is common post prostate surgery, however persistent pelvic pain may be a result of nerve entrapment (pudendal neuralgia), pelvic trauma, or pelvic floor weakness.

How can Physiotherapy help?

To address and manage persistent pelvic pain and pelvic floor dysfunctions such as incontinence, a thorough pelvic floor assessment should be conducted by your Enhance Physiotherapist to provide you with a diagnosis and appropriate management plan. Enhance Physiotherapy is also appropriate before and after prostate cancer surgery and has been shown to improve incontinence outcomes and quality of life.

At Enhance Physiotherapy, all our Physiotherapists are specially trained in using Real Time Ultrasound. Real Time Ultrasound is a non-invasive assessment tool, that can be used to check your pelvic floor function and control. This will assist your Enhance Physiotherapist in prescribing you specific pelvic floor exercises to help reduce your symptoms by strengthening and retraining your pelvic floor muscles. Education and advice to restore optimal bladder habits and to manage chronic pelvic pain can also be provided by your Enhance Physiotherapist.

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