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Paediatric Physiotherapy

Enhance Physiotherapy takes children’s pain and conditions seriously as many can be treated effectively with successful outcomes. Enhance Physiotherapy can offer treatment for children in the way of rehabilitation after a sports injury or broken bone, improving sporting performances, working on specific weakness to make your child a better runner or sports person, help your child achieve their goals, treat growing pains or help develop better movement patterns. At Enhance Physiotherapy we have individual tailored treatment plans for every child to help them achieve their goals.

Paediatric Physiotherapy is the treatment of children and adolescents. At Enhance Physiotherapy we treat children of any age. Growing up with pain can impact a child’s sport and physical interaction, which is a huge part of a child’s development.  We assess, diagnosis and treat a multitude of childhood injuries, and conditions.

Who would benefit from paediatric/adolescent physiotherapy?

  • Toe walkers
  • Children who are struggling to jump and hop
  • Children with poor running technique
  • Children who are struggling with ball and coordination skills
  • Rehabilitation post MVA or long hospital stay
  • Children who have growing pains that are limiting them
  • Children who have pain and are struggling to move
  • Children who want to live a healthy, active and their best life

At Enhance Physiotherapy we have access to the best group of health professionals who we can refer onto, if needed, such as leading paediatric specialist who can help with childhood conditions such as Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Autism, muscular dystrophies, Spina Bifida and other congenital syndromes or conditions.

At Enhance Physiotherapy we use the latest up to date research and treatment techniques to treat children and we have a great referral system so that your child gets the best plan for living their best life.

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