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Pre-operative and Post-operative Care

Surgical operations can be daunting and a critical factor to improving your quality of life after trauma, disease or longstanding conditions. Here at Enhance we aim to get you the best out of your surgery, and back to the activities you love with our pre-operative and post-operative care programs.

Pre-operative assessment is critical in a majority of elective surgical procedures, and has been shown that pre-operative treatment and strength based training is beneficial especially in orthopaedic surgeries such as ligament reconstruction, joint replacement, joint reconstruction, arthroscopy, shoulder surgeries, shoulder reconstruction and joint cleanouts/debridement, to get you back into your activities of daily living and work as soon as possible. Our Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists are experts in managing and creating the best treatment pathway for you and the sports/activities you want to return to!

Post-surgically you may experience common impairments which include pain, reduced coordination, reduced independence, reduced mobility, strength deficits, low exercise tolerance and decreased balance. At Enhance, we will carry out a full assessment to target and identify individual or a combination of impairments which may be stopping you from reaching your goal. Our post-operative care programs are specifically tailored to your goals and specific to your surgical procedure. Our Physiotherapists are well versed with post-surgical rehabilitation after orthopaedic, spinal/neurological, abdominal and thoracic, cardiac and reconstructive related surgeries.

Our best patient care is to educate and provide all information to the points of your rehabilitation and create specialised management programs involving hands on techniques, including mobilisations, massage and dry needling, in combination with a graded exercise program and various other techniques. These factors are all focussed to help you build and improve your range of motion, strength, balance and coordination, with the focus in returning you to work, sport and other interests.

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