Sanyu is a physio with over 4 years of experience in various parts of the world, having trained as a physiotherapist in India and then going on to complete his Masters in Advanced Physiotherapy in the UK, where he continued working until he recently decided to move across the world to Australia to join Enhance Physiotherapy!

Sanyu has specialised in the fields of soft tissue manual therapy, sports, general musculoskeletal practice, as well as in musculoskeletal radiology and biomechanics, where he has published research articles. 

He is passionate about helping people heal from their injuries, getting them to their rehab goals, and encouraging movement, positivity and an active lifestyle.

Sanyu grew up with a background in martial arts and sports, and this has given him an intuitive sense of body intelligence. Paired with his academic achievements and clinical experience, this combination gives him deep insight into human movement, performance and injury.

Having worked in a range of settings – from private practice to sports clubs and hospitals, he has seen a broad spectrum of injuries and is confident that he can diagnose and treat any condition in the fastest, safest and most effective manner possible!

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