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What is Hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy is a form of therapy that uses warm water for pain relief and treatment of an injury or condition. Hydrotherapy differs from swimming as it involves specific exercises in the water to assist in rehabilitation or injury management. The water can help provide a very safe, therapeutic yet challenging environment. Due to the buoyancy of the water, reduced loads and forces on the body allow patients to recover and progress, while alleviating painful symptoms and allowing greater range of movements. Simultaneously, the resistance from the water and flow of water can help with improving muscle strength, stability, and balance, enhancing overall fitness levels. The warm water temperatures can assist in reducing muscle tension while promoting blood flow and relaxation.

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Who can benefit from hydrotherapy? 

  • Athletes rehabilitating from sporting injuries or wanting to improve athletic performance
  • Workers compensation recoveries
  • Post motor vehicle rehabilitation
  • Chronic pain
  • The elderly population with conditions such as osteoarthritis or osteoporosis
  • Musculoskeletal pain and inflammation
  • Inflammatory conditions (i.e. rheumatoid arthritis)
  • Neurological conditions (i.e. Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis)
  • Post surgery rehabilitation (ie. ACL reconstruction, total knee or hip replacements)
  • Post fracture rehabilitation
  • Poor balance or at falls risk
  • Weight management
  • Chronic disease conditions (i.e. Diabetes, Cardiovascular disease)
  • Surgery pre-habilitation
  • Injury prevention
  • General strengthening and flexibility

Is hydrotherapy right for me?

Like all forms of exercise, there are some precautions to consider before undertaking a hydrotherapy program. This can include but are not limited to; recent heart attack, unstable heart conditions, skin/wound infections, uncontrolled/controlled epilepsy, uncontrolled diabetes, incontinence, fever or recent neurological event, pregnancy, high or lower blood pressure. Before commencing hydrotherapy, it is recommended to see an Enhance Physiotherapist or Exercise Physiologist who can assist you to ensure Hydrotherapy is both a safe and effective option depending on your diagnosis, health history and goals. You may be provided with some initial exercises to aid you with your introduction to your water-based exercises.

Hydrotherapy by Enhance Physiotherapy is run by our Physiotherapists or Exercise Physiologists. We have options for classes or individual one-on-one hydrotherapy appointments depending on your goals and needs

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