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Workers Compensation and Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Physiotherapy

Have you recently been involved in a work injury or car accident?


Are you currently in pain and not sure what the right thing to do is or what you should be avoiding and how to negotiate the compensation system?


At Enhance Physiotherapy we can assist and guide you through your compensation claim to ensure you are receiving the best help and treatment.


When you get injured and have pain that is out of your control and affecting your ability to work through no fault of your own, there is a lot of fear and anxiety attached to returning to work.  All Enhance Physiotherapists, Massage Therapists and Exercise Physiologists are here to take away those fears and support you recovering from your injury to ensure that you have a safe and successful transition back to work.


Our experienced Enhance Physiotherapists will provide you with a diagnosis and evidence based treatments that are proven to be successful. We will be the cornerstone in your recovery being with you every step of the way. We provide individualized and comprehensive return to work plans and treatment plans to help you return to work and your daily life safely and quickly.

Lower Limb Biomechanical Assessment Special

What you need before starting physiotherapy:

  • Current workers compensation medical certificate from your doctor or doctor’s referral
  • Workers compensation or motor vehicle claim number which will be given to you by a case manager


How can Enhance Physiotherapy help you and why choose us for your workers compensation or motor vehicle claim?

  • Hands on physiotherapy treatment to improve mobility and reduce pain
  • Use of the latest evidence based techniques to help ensure a faster recovery
  • Assess your work duties and structure a rehabilitation program for your specific needs
  • Prescribe exercises to support your injury and get your body ready to return to work
  • Work closely together with your doctor, insurance company and employer to ensure a smooth transition back to work without compromising your injury or long term health


Book your Enhance Experience online, or call us today.