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Sports Physiotherapy

Enhance Physiotherapy is pleased to offer our patients access to Sports Physiotherapy as part of our comprehensive services. Enhance Physiotherapy has Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists and Massage therapist with a broad knowledge when it comes to sport related injuries and rehab.

Sports Physiotherapy, means your Physiotherapists or clinician provides treatment techniques and rehabilitation options with the focus being returning to sports or exercise with reduced risks of re-injury. Our Enhance Physiotherapists and clinician staff do this by using an evidence-based approach from new and growing sports research. 

The same principles apply between sports and regular physiotherapy treatment and your goals are our goals at Enhance Physiotherapy. Completely resting for an athlete or anyone is not always best practice as this always puts one at risk of re-injury in the future due to deconditioning. Using evidence-based research from sports injury cases, we also assess patients holistically with consideration for recovery, sleep, diet patterns, cardiopulmonary capacity, functional movement analysis, power and specifically the demands required by the sport or exercise regime to tailor the best rehabilitation program.

What is Sports Physiotherapy?

A titled Sports Physiotherapist has invested considerable time, effort and finances into completing an extra Masters Qualification in Sports Physiotherapy above and beyond their normal physiotherapy degree.

Sports Physiotherapy Consultation Expectations

Attending a physiotherapy consultation with the idea of returning to exercise or sport as soon as possible is the goal of a lot of people.  Returning to sport or exercise places different demands of the body and in sports it is more often repetitive in nature and requiring high velocity movements.  A thorough assessment and treatment plan is put in place as usually most athletes have time frames put on their return from injury which aren’t necessarily of their own volition. Pressures from upcoming tournaments or events; coaching staff pressures and team mate pressures.  As a sports Physiotherapist you need to work closely with everyone involved in the team including coach, committee, strength and conditioning coach and even other team medical personnel.

At Enhance Physiotherapy take communication very seriously in the sports arena as this communication has to be right to enable a safe and quick return to sport with reduced risks of re-injury. As Physiotherapists we can help monitor and adjust training load to maximize the quickest return to sport or exercise possible.

Benefits of Enhance Physiotherapy

At Enhance Physiotherapy we have connections with imaging centres and some of the best and most experienced orthopaedic specialists in Perth.  If required, we can act fast and organize imaging/scanning and appointments at short notice.

Have you got a sports injury and want to return to sport or exercise as fast as possible? Feel better booking in at Enhance Physiotherapy knowing you will receive the treatment and rehab you need to achieve your goals quicker with less risk of reinjury.

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