Optimising physical performance

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_single_image image=”2552″ img_size=”large” alignment=”center”][vc_column_text]For many of us, the thought of running a marathon is less appealing than (insert horrible activity). However, we all understand that if we were to take on this monstrous task that we would need to train to ensure our body is capable of completing the activity. The same goes for repetitive/heavy lifting. We regularly see patients who present to us with a back strain following lifting or who avoid lifting due to a previous strain that they find flares up when they lift. The vast majority of these have the same thing in common, they haven’t been regularly lifting either that amount of weight, or for the certain number of repetitions. However, the good news is, is that lifting isn’t something to avoid or be careful about so long as we put in a bit of work.

Training yourself to maximise your lifting capacity by strengthening your legs, optimising you biomechanics (yes, you can bend your back, back’s love to bend, but you must use your legs to lift, not your back) and practising repeated lifting can not only help you with work tasks but can also prepare you for those odd jobs around the home like moving furniture. The other benefit to lifting heavy is that we not only strengthen our muscles, but we also strengthen our bones and joints and we make our vertebral discs more resilient to loads and forces. At Enhance, our physio’s along with our exercise physiologist can help get you started on retraining your body to love lifting and build a healthy, stronger more resilient you! And before I sign off, I thought I’d get on board with the 10 year challenge and post this one that is doing the rounds amongst the physio profession #cantgowrongwithgettingstrong #weallgetstrongerwithknowldge

Cheers, Madi!

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