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Vestibular Physiotherapy

Enhance physiotherapy is pleased to offer comprehensive vestibular physiotherapy care for our wonderful patients. We believe no one should have to live with dizziness, giddiness, recurrent falls, vertigo or whiplash and are passionate about finding a solution to your problem.

What is Vestibular System?

The vestibular system is a complex series of connections that is responsible for some aspects of balance, visual control and movement. The vestibular system is comprised of the central nervous system (brain), inner ear, neck and eyes.  These systems work together to allow for smooth control of balance, vision and movement. If something goes awry with this system it can manifest in several different ways, including;

  • Dizziness with/ without head movements
  • Giddiness
  • Vertigo (world spinning)
  • Falls
  • Problem balancing
  • Tinnitus (ear ringing)

What is Vestibular Physiotherapy?

Vestibular physiotherapy is concerned with the treatment/ assessment and diagnosis of disorders and/ or diseases of the vestibular system. The aim of these sessions will be to ascertain the root causes of your dizziness, giddiness, pain, recurrent falls, vertigo and/ or poor balance.

In a vestibular physiotherapy session, your physiotherapist will conduct subjective examination, vestibular, oculomotor, cervical, CNS and balance examination. Depending on the results of the initial examination treatment may comprise; otoconia repositioning manoeuvres, exercises, manual therapy, education or letter recommending onward specialist medical referral.

What conditions can vestibular physiotherapy treat?

  • Dizziness
  • Begin positional paroxysmal vertigo (BPPV)
  • Cervicogenic dizziness (dizziness related to neck pain/ dysfunction)
  • Central vestibular disorders (for rehabilitation)
  • Peripheral vestibular disorders
  • Oculomotor dysfunction (eye movement problems)
  • Balance dysfunction
  • Chronic falls
  • Post-acute vestibular neuritis (infection/ inflammation of the vestibular nerve)
  • Labyrinthitis (infection/ inflammation of the inner ear, labyrinth)
  • Vestibular Hypofunction

How does it work?

Vestibular physiotherapy works in several different ways depending on your condition. In BPPV an otoconia repositioning manoeuvre is used to place the otoconia back in position to alleviate the symptoms and any residual neck dysfunction will be assessed and managed by the physiotherapist.  In other cases, tailored exercise programs will retrain the vestibular system to alleviate symptoms. If indicated dry needling and manual therapy will be used to reduce neck pain and dysfunction as an adjunct to the exercise program.

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