A lot of people ask the question, what exactly is physiotherapy?  It is a type of therapy that sets us apart from Massage Therapy or Chiropractic treatment and why Enhance Physiotherapy can be a perfect fit for you.

The aim of any Physiotherapy is to restore proper function of the affected body part as well as restoring correct movement to protect you from injury recurrence.

Typically your Physiotherapy session will involve some questions, a physical assessment and hands on treatment by your physiotherapist. This will involve treatment aimed at lengthening tight muscles, releasing stiff joints, restoring function and  assisting weak muscles along with an exercise component – aimed at strengthening muscles and restoring normal movement patterns.physiotherapy mandurah como canningvale

The exercise component of our treatment is what sets Physiotherapy apart from other health professions. The exercises prescribed during your treatment session will be key in the long-term management of your condition. These exercises are designed individually for you and your injury to prevent injury recurrence and allow you to manage your condition long term.

At Enhance Physiotherapy, we believe that our thorough assessment will lead to individually tailored treatment to return you to sport or life quickly and effectively. Our physiotherapists conduct a thorough assessment to give us an excellent understanding about not only your diagnosis, but contributing factors, possible barriers to recovery and risks that could affect you re-injuring yourself.

Our physiotherapists are able to individualise our treatment to best suit you. We also will design an exercise rehabilitation program specifically for you to ensure that you get the best long term solution. Our physiotherapists are highly skilled, knowledgeable and dedicated to ensuring every patient has the best care.

Our three locations at Mandurah, Canning Vale (Thornlie) and Como ensure it is easy to make an appointment with any of our top physiotherapists.


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