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Work Related Injuries

A work related injury refers to an accident that occurs at work that may be the result of a fall, repeated motion, machinery, crush or falling object. These injuries often need the attention of a physiotherapist and can result in long term disability if not treated correctly.

At Enhance our physiotherapists apply an active model to the rehabilitation of work-related injuries. Our goal is to help to get back to full function as quickly as possible and returning work.

At Enhance Physiotherapy we liaise closely with your whole rehabilitation team as returning to work following a work-related injury can be daunting and lonely process, especially without access to the correct resources and people who can help you on your journey to full recovery.  Enhance Physiotherapy pride ourselves on supporting you back to full duties by having an active input into the return to work guidelines so that you only make gains as you step forward from your injury and live your best life.

Individuals who wish to be billed under Worker’s Compensation need to have a referral letter to Enhance Physiotherapy from their GP, as well as an insurance claim number.

More details can be found under the services tab Workers Compensation and Motor Vehicle Claims Physiotherapy. Additionally, do not hesitate to contact our friendly reception staff on (08) 9583 5165 with any questions.

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