Tom graduated from Curtin University and is passionate about the health industry and providing the best in physiotherapy treatment. Tom joined our Mandurah team 18 months ago and has become a leader in our clinic for the quality of physiotherapy services he provides to all his patients as well as becoming the cornerstone of the Mandurah clinic and ensuring that it is a place everyone wants to work and be treated. Tom has a passion for helping people and his motivation for being a great physio is to always ensure best patient care and your goals are met.

Tom has exceptional skills in treating sports injuries and post-op rehab as well as vestibular issues such as vertigo, dizziness and concussion just to name a few.  Tom’s special interests lie in the treatment of neck pain and headaches and nerve referral. Tom is also a keen cyclist so has an interest in bike and triathlon related injuries as well as bike fit outs and biomechanics. 

The key to Tom’s success as a physiotherapist is his understanding of your goals and always finding ways for you to achieve them as quick and safely as possible.  With Tom you will get to 100% recovery, and it will be done in a motivating and fun way that will make coming to physiotherapy easy!

When Tom isn’t working you can find him riding countless kilometres on his bike, followed up with a chocolate milkshake, hanging out with friends, playing golf and just looking for a good time.

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